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The acronym JJGXTH has a life path number 7. Life path number seven is a fretful, unique, scholarly individual who is constantly prepared to bargain systematically with himself and his surroundings.

Personality wise very philosophical. Your mind is occupied with numerous things and constantly prepared for new learning encounters. The desire for travel to be able to take in a great deal is a longing you wish to make happen if conceivable. Continuously attempting to make time for pondering in peaceful isolation. You are more contemplative than outgoing.

With such solid instincts it can be advantageous to give yourself a chance to be guided more by said instincts. Here and there instinctual responses work themselves out in a more superior way than thoroughly considered ones.

The way that you need to shape your own particular assessment sort of makes you a free thinker. Becoming acquainted with new people can lead to you turning into somewhat quiet. Others may misunderstand this timidity for pomposity, what you are most certainly not. In huge gatherings you don't feel free to express yourself. Little gatherings make you feel at home. Fellowships are shaped gradually for you. Be that as it may, if a friendship is developed then you respect it for a lifetime. Faithfulness, tolerance and liberality are things your companions can anticipate. In addition to being an incredible speaker you are at the same time a fabulous audience. Smalltalk is a complete waste of everyone's time in your opinion. In the event that you have confidence in something, you are prepared to battle for it. However those battling activities are better described as not giving up and working toward your goals.

Your goals are always very high which often times brings along criticism for yourself from yourself. Flawless results do not truly exist so you need to learn to be content when you gave your all. But when not accomplishing those objectives you get effectively baffled. At that point you will bother your surroundings with silence. Some of the time you run a danger of being an outsider. Once you have a thing thoroughly considered and have gone to an assessment, you can get exceptionally hardheaded about it. Tending to battle through aloof resistance when needing to succeed can bring about keeping away from circumstances with direct opposition. A few sevens have a solid spotlight on confidence in the feeling of God or a higher force.

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