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The acronym JJKLGA has a life path number 6. Individuals with the life path number six are strong and dependable having the capacity to stand their ground in any circumstance.

People with a strong sense of compassion. Decency and the welfare of others is of extraordinary significance to this life path. The biggest priority is always your home and family. Ready to help others in need without a second thought. You see magnificence in creative expressions and music. Harmonious interpersonal connections and community are vital to you. This attribute makes you a magnificent host.

Every once in a while you have a tendency to overcompensate and be excessively unselfish.

This behavior culminates in excessive sensitivity towards others.

If disappointed with your colleagues work you have a tendency to do everything yourself, rather than reprimand the shortcomings. Individuals can take advantage of you in regards to this quality. You generally work dependably and want the job done with quality. It is the case too often that you try to help other people, while forgetting about your own needs. Now and then it is ideal to step back and not overlook your own needs. Stop and allow others to do things all alone. Learning is a procedure of doing the wrong things on occasion. When individuals have learned they won't be reliant on you for completing things. If someone really restricts you it can happen that you turn from a calm mountain into a bursting volcano. Wanting things to be just perfect can likewise make you be hard to work with. Getting things done the right way is vital yet never forget about the master plan! Your amicable, open nature brings you and others satisfaction.

Adapting to a wide range of individuals is simple for you. There is a danger that you don't perceive leeches for who they are. Such individuals can often attempt to misuse your liberal and plentiful nature. Figure out how to say no when others solicit a lot from you. It is not your obligation to offer everything to everyone. Figure out how to not force your help on others. Individuals will learn and advance progressively when they take care of an issue without anyone else. Try to recognize when your support is truly needed and when you do nothing more than meddling around.

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